The Making of Berkshire’s Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale

Berkshire Brewing Company founder and CEO, Gary Bogoff, tells the story behind the creation of Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale. Specifically, Bogoff explains why Berkshire developed this beer, which looks like a premium lager, but tastes a whole lot better. Follow this link to watch a video featuring Gary, archival photographs of the brewery and …

The Prank that Pranked Back

Sometime in 2014, while having a few beers and discussing projects to increase Berkshire Brewing’s social media presence, the idea was floated to do an April Fool’s Day video about a Helium beer.  As it wasn’t an entirely new concept, we knew that we would have to take our video higher to make it our …

New 12 oz. Cans

We are thrilled to announce the release of Berkshire’s new 12 oz. cans! Keep an eye out for both Steel Rail and Lost Sailor in cans! We hope you’ll enjoy drinking out of them as much as you do our bottles. Cheers!

Coming Soon… 12 oz. Glass Bottles! 

In addition to 64 oz. Growlers, 22 oz. bottles, and 12 oz. cans, Steel Rail will soon be available in 12 oz. glass bottles! We are thrilled to have a specific 12 oz. bottle shape that is exclusive to Berkshire Brewing Company. You will not see this particular glass bottle anywhere else in the U.S.A.! …